ENT Department (Otorhinolaryngology)

Otology (Ear Surgery)

Trained in both the medical and surgical treatment of ear infection, dizziness, hearing loss, ringing in the ears or ear noise (tinnitus), neck pain, Ear Injuries and Deformities, Eustachian tube Dysfunction, Vertigo & Motion Sickness and some cranial nerve disorders.

We also manage congenital (birth) disorders of the outer and inner ear.

The following surgical procedures are provided:
  • Myringoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Mastoid Surgery
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • Stapes Surgery
  • Myringotomy
  • Grommet (Ear Ventilation Tube) Insertion

Rhinology (Nose and Sinus Surgery)

We are specialized to treat Patients suffering from a variety of disorders affecting the nose and sinuses. 

Experience in both medical and surgical management of the following conditions:

  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Olfactory (Smell) dysfunction
  • Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinitis (runny nose)
  • Septal deviation and perforation
  • Cosmetic deformities and nasal trauma
  • Paranasal sinus tumors
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid leaks
The following surgical services are provided:
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Balloon dilation of the sinuses
  • Allergy testing and Immunotherapy
  • Septoplasty
  • Correction of septal perforation
  • Functional and Cosmetic Septo-Rhinoplasty

Laryngology (Throat Surgery)

Our goal is to provide the highest possible care for patients facing complex and technically challenging disorders in Swallowing and Throat related issues.

The following surgical services are provided:
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Coblation Tonsillectomy
  • Coblation Adenoidectomy
  • Coblation Adeno-Tonsillectomy
  • Tongue Tie Release
  • Biopsy
  • Snoring Surgery
  • Micro-Laryngeal Surgery (MLS)