Thyroid Disease Management and Treatment Service

Thyroid disease is a common disease and can result from conditions that cause over-or under-function of the thyroid gland.

  • When the gland produces too much thyroid hormone, the condition is known as hyperthyroidism.
  • When the gland does not function sufficiently, there is too little thyroid hormone produced (hypothyroidism).

Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) Symptoms and Signs

Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormone, which normally is made by the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism symptoms and signs include:

  1. Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
  2. Poor appetite
  3. Eye and face swelling
  4. Increased blood cholesterol levels
  5. Irregular or heavy menstrual periods
  6. Fatigue
  7. Weakness
  8. Intolerance to cold
  9. Muscle aches and cramps
  10. Constipation
  11. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  12. Deeper and/or hoarse voice

Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid can be caused by a condition known as Graves’ disease, Inflammation of the thyroid gland (known as thyroiditis), or by tumors that secrete thyroid hormones.

Symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism

  1. Nervousness, tremor, agitation
  2. Reduced menstrual blood flow in women
  3. Racing heartbeat or palpitations
  4. Increase in appetite, feeling hungry
  5. Enlargement of the thyroid gland
  6. Brittle hair

At, Goldleaf ENT Center, we provide management and treatment of thyroid through medical and surgical procedure.